Product Review: The 5 Minute Journal – A Happier You in 5 Minutes a Day

Have you wanted to start writing in a journal but just don’t seem to have the time to invest?

Do you want to focus your attention on the good in your life?

Then the 5 minute journal may be your answer.

Every morning, for about 3 weeks, I have been writing in my 5 minute journal.
I find it motivating and the little something I look forward too in the morning, while I sip my coffee.
If you’re not big on writing long novels then you will enjoy this.

This is what the inside looks like:


Each page contains a unique inspirational quote at the top of the page.

Then it gives you 3 prompts to fill out in the morning…

I am grateful for …

The trick with this one is to find something different everyday that you are grateful for, instead of repeating the same thing.
It can be anything from “I am grateful that it is autumn” and “I am grateful to have two loving dogs greet me every morning.”

What would make today great?

This is the section where you can write goals for the day and things that you are in control of, that would make your day great.
Lately mine have been “Finish that blog post” or “Get a good workout in”. Sometimes I give myself freebies so I can look back at the end of the night and be happy I did them.

Daily affirmations, I am…

This one is where you write daily affirmations you have. Self-explanatory, right?
I like the one “I am a successful blogger.” 😉 Or “I am worth it” if you are feeling particularly low that day.  This can be helpful with long term goals because the idea behind it is that you write something that may not be true, but something that you would want to be or like.
The more frequently you say it and write it, the more you feel it and believe it and it will come true.

Each evening, there is a follow up after going through your day…

3 amazing things that happened today…

This one is great if you’re like me and tend to forget the small things that made you happy throughout the day. Once I get rolling though, I can come up with plenty and that helps me to feel more grateful about the day.

How could I have made today better?

This one is for self-reflection. If there were any instances you feel could’ve been handled better or if you allowed something to bother you for too long, write it here.


Now, I have the paper back which includes a third prompt for the evening.

What am I looking forward to tomorrow?

This prompt can be anything from a date planned, to payday, to a new video game releasing, to just purely waking up.


It helps rewire your brain to be happy and feel gratitude and positivity, setting the foundation for your day.


The 5 minute journal is the simplest way to start your day in a better, more grateful mood.
If you want a quick way to journal, focusing on:
  • Bettering yourself every day
  • Improving your mindset
  • Improving your outlook on life
  • Being more positive

Then this journal is for you!


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