Is Alpha Brain The First Limitless Pill?


“Alpha Brain gives me that added focus to run at an optimal level and be competitive in every area of my life.” –  Lewis Howes


Alpha Brain has been called the Limitless Pill.  Many people are replacing their daily morning COFFEE with it.

So, what is Alpha Brain?

Alpha Brain is a Nootropic or a dietary supplement that helps support certain brain functions, such as memory, mental speed, and focus.

It comes in capsule form which makes it super easy to swallow and digest.



“I believe that a time is coming where taking nootropics like Alpha BRAIN will be a standard human adaptation to get things done. Like drinking coffee. Except in a lot of ways,

I like Alpha BRAIN
better than coffee.

It has no stimulants and works by directly stimulating neurotransmitters. So it won’t wear out your adrenals. But if you like coffee, enjoy them both at the same time. Go ahead and be on fire. Laying down on the pillow after a long day of crushing it is one of the most satisfying feelings in life.”

– Aubrey Marcus, Onnit Founder



The magic is in the ingredients.


It’s free of Caffeine, Gluten, and GMO’s.


The caffeine free part is a seller for me. Often times, nootropics include caffeine because it is considered a nootropic. This increase in energy can lead to falsified results and jitters if you’re sensitive.


What Alpha Brain is composed of :



Used for centuries in the traditional Ayurvedic medical system of India to improve memory and longevity, possessing both antioxidant and adaptogenic properties [source], and may also increase the effects of serotonin and dopamine, helping you achieve a sense of calm and maintain mood equilibrium.


Cat’s Claw

 A plant revered by traditional cultures for its antioxidant and immune-boosting properties is homed by the Amazon Rain Forest.


Huperzia Serrata

 An extract from the plant commonly known as northern firmoss (Huperzia serrata), Huperzine A is a naturally derived acetylcholinesterase inhibitorand has been used for Alzheimer’s disease, memory and learning enhancement, and age-related memory impairment.


Oat Straw

 An alleviator of neurological stress and exhaustion, which has been shown to have a positive impact on cognitive performance in healthy subjects [source]. Proponents also say it can reduce the risk of heart disease, increase energy, reduce anxiety and improve physical and possibly even sexual performance.



Alpha Brain begins to work within 30 minutes to a few hours, so the results are almost instant, compared to those that take weeks of daily use before becoming effective.


Side Effects


The amazing thing about Alpha Brain is the lack of complaints of side effects.

After thoroughly searching through reviews before I tried it, I couldn’t even find one that even mentioned so much as a headache, which is rare in the world of Nootropics.

Unless you suffer from allergies to any of the ingredients, you shouldn’t notice any negative affects.

Personal Review

I’ve tried my hand at Nootropics and I’m still testing new ones.

Thus far, Alpha Brain is the only one I have repurchased and wanted to affiliate with and for good reason too.

As a chronic suffer’er of lack of focus, Alpha Brain really reels me in.

I can be very sensitive to caffeine and other ingredients at times, (ahh, good ole’ anxiety) and Alpha Brain gives no absolutely no jitters, but still allows me to focus and not be scatter-brained.

So if you are looking for ways to boost your focus and memory and are interested in trying a Nootropic I definitely recommend Alpha Brain.

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**As I stated before, I will be doing reviews for products, some of which I will get a small compensation if you purchase through my link, but I will NEVER post a link to something I do not believe in.



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