About Me

Welcome to Upgrading My Existence!


If you struggle with mental health, lack of self-love, or you just want to learn how to love life and yourself, then this website was created just for you. Actually, for us.

I am no stranger to anxiety and depression. In hindsight, I have been struggling with it my whole life but it has only been within the past few years that I became educated on it and tried to understand more about what it actually is.

I have tried many different methods of treatment for my own anxiety and depression. I have followed many self-help trends, I’ve tried meditating and medicating, I have read a vast array of self-help books and articles, I’ve taken up journaling, I’ve quit journaling, I’ve taken up journaling again, I’ve been strength-training, I have taken up art and diy, I’ve had a therapist, and I recently quit my job to focus on bettering myself mentally.

Some of these things have worked, and some didn’t. But this is a journey.

Now, I’m no expert, and I am still on my own journey through this.

I have come to realize that many people hide this darker side on the internet, only showing their highlight reel for the world to perceive as their everyday life. Well I am here to break that trend and be honest and transparent.

So I will be taking you along on my own journey, from depression, to anxiety, to highs and lows, giving you my experiences and sharing what I have found to work for me, and what didn’t work for me but may work for you. I will also be posting DIY’s, if you’re into that kind of thing. I love art and expression, it is one of the things I find myself getting lost in.

I want to share the knowledge I have as a result of my experiences as well as the new things I will try and I hope with all of this, it will help someone else out there break their mental chains and shackles. I hope that someone else is you.

I want this to grow into a community of positivity and growth with time, where you can come and chat when times may get tough, or just to escape.


My goal is to help you feel better during your day-to-day ventures, become happier with your life, gain knowledge about mental health, and upgrade your existence.



I hope you choose to stick around 🙂